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How to solve the problem of "insomnia" correctly The problem of insomnia can happen
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The problem of insomnia slotxo can happen to everyone. Which some people may fix at the end for sleeping pills But did you know that fixing it on the spot will make sleep easier? Tonkit360 brings a great technique from Matthew Walker, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, to solve the insomnia problem of many. People

Sleep in a cool room
Ever wondered why we feel sleepy in the theater or performance center? Because the body needs to lower its body temperature to 2-3 degrees to make the brain feel more like sleep. Which most cinemas will open the air to cool it

Sleep time
Sleeping for a long time is a long-known tip. And whether it is during Saturday - Sunday Should sleep at the same time as in ordinary days And even though I can't sleep well You should wake up on time every day to "reset" your body and remember to go to bed at the same time.

I can't sleep
If we try to sleep but not asleep so that time passes, we still cannot suppress our eyes. The best way is not to force yourself to sleep But get out of bed and go to another room And find books to keep reading You don't need to turn on the bright lights, just a lamp is enough, and don't play with your phone or watch TV and even eat. Because it will make it harder to sleep Try to keep reading. It may make you feel sleepy. Then go back to bed in the bedroom

Does not play the phone - watch TV before bedtime.
The light will make our brain think "It's still bright now. Should not sleep. ”Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the light in the house by about half to make us feel that “Right now we are going to sleep,” because the body releases melatonin when the body knows that it is in the evening. To help them fall asleep easier Playing a mobile phone or watching TV exposes the body to the blue light from the screen. Which will affect the secretion of melatonin that helps with sleep

No coffee
Drinking coffee after dinner is something many people do. But doing this, though, may even help sleep. Rather, sleep is not "deep sleep", which means that the body is not getting enough rest. And will cause a feeling of "sleepy", not refreshing as a result Waking up, having to drink several cups of coffee in the morning, unknowingly became a cycle of coffee addiction.

Alcohol is not a helper!
Drinking alcohol to sleep is a mistake. Because although in deep sleep But there is a possibility of waking up in the middle of the night. Because of thirst, or for some other reason. In addition, putting yourself to sleep with alcohol is not a natural sleep. Therefore, it is not a very good helper.

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