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Oil Change Guys History; Part IV
One quality of franchisors and something you will discover in the entirety of their memoirs both; official and informal is their intensity and refusal to surrender. Presently onto Part IV of our adventure:
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Mr. Winslow met with so a wide range of organizations and made endless contacts he was certain he had all the segments to reveal his own Mobile Oil Change establishment System to co-brand with the other WashGuy Family of Franchises. Spear, at that point got an opportunity meeting with Greg of available Oil Change in New Mexico. It was by complete mishap. Spear was visiting Los Alamos Laboratories to join individuals for The World Think Tank; a leisure activity of his and having a fairly difficult stretch of it because of ongoing public security issues there. He drove down to Rio Rancho for a Starbucks Coffee, when Greg moved toward him getting some information about the Truck Wash Guys Franchise. Greg had inadvertently joined the New Mexico Power Company for armada washing,

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